Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock the past couple of months, there is no doubt in my mind that you’ll have heard of Pokemon Go.

You’ll also have hopefully noticed the number of companies jumping on board this hype and offering discounts, freebies and other benefits to those who prove they are a “Pokemon trainer”.


The truth is that the viral hype status of Pokemon Go has already begun to dwindle and the usage figures are showing a sharp decline. That’s the problem with things going viral, it’s very unlikely that they’ll stay that way or continue to grow. People get bored or the next big thing comes along a few weeks later.

The digital landscape is very much the same.

As digital content consumers our attention span is shorter than ever and we’re constantly on the move from app to app, social network to social network. If your business isn’t prepared to jump on and ride the hype wave whilst it’s there you’ll miss out.

If you were to try and implement a Pokemon go marketing scheme now, just a few short months later, I highly doubt you’ll get anywhere near as much traction as you would have at the beginning.

Your audience are already off to the next thing.

Think of all the social networks that have been left behind because of the next big network. Bebo, Myspace, etc have all been replaced by Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Pinterest. I have no doubt that some of those networks may not be the same as we know now in a few years time, perhaps not even around at all.

Look at where your audience are spending their time right now and get involved.

The world is a fast moving place, so get up to speed and take advantage of “the now” rather than what was big a few months ago.

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