Nobody likes a snooper. You want to protect what you worked hard to build.  As humans we know that if we want others to protect our privacy – we need to respect the privacy of others.

But this is business! You want every advantage you can find and learning from your competition is important.  The business owner who doesn’t watch the competition is complacent.

So – short of parking up outside or kicking in the door like Walter White – what can we do?  Lets look at what your competitors are doing online, borrow what they do well and exploit the weaknesses we find.

These are a few tools we use every day.  We use them to build SEO strategies and to inform digital marketing tactics.  I’m wont go into any detail on how you can use them.  I’d need specific information about your situation before I could do this.  The tools themselves are pretty cool though and will give you useful data.

This site explores a lot of the advertising and search engine focused strategies of your competitors.  Just type in their website address and you’ll see the key phrases they target, who links to their site, where they advertise and much more.

Again, this site allows you to see your competitors online ad strategy and what key phrases they are targeting online.  Knowledge is power. Wield it.

Hubspot Website Grader

This tools focuses more on how their site has been built and how they operate it.  Compare it with your own and you’ll quickly see real opportunities for exploitation.


See how they are performing.  How much traffic do they get and where do they get it from.  Maybe you can steal some. Do it.

These are a small selection of the tools we use to build powerful advantages.  Try them out and if you find anything interesting and you want to know more then get in touch.

Do you have any tools you’d like to share with us?


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