This morning an email popped into my inbox that highlighted the importance of proofing your campaigns before hitting ‘Send’.

Around this time of year lots of companies ramp up their email marketing and rely on this method of communication to generate business over the busy festive season. But, if you don’t proof your emails there’s a danger that you’ll end up losing customers. I’m not talking about minor spelling mistakes (embarrassing although rarely damaging), but about broken links.

The email in question was from an respected outdoor course provider and was promoting new course dates for 2017. This is something I am definitely interested in, but instead of finding course details, dates and a booking link, the email links took me to this error message:

“Page Not Found

Sorry, the page you requested could not be found

We’ve recently launched a new website so it could be you have followed an old link”

Um, no. I followed the link you sent me, in your email, this morning.

Yes, I could have searched the site to try and find the information. But, did I? No. Like the majority of subscribers these days, I opened the email on my mobile. Navigating their website on my mobile from the ‘Page Not Found’ page was just too awkward, so I left.  

That company just lost a sale.

Email marketing gives you direct access to your subscribers. You can be there, in their inbox (not in a creepy way), when you want to be, sending subscribers straight to your website. It’s great. So don’t miss the opportunity just because you’re in a hurry.

There are lots of things to check, double check, and check again before you hit send on your email campaigns but ‘Do all the links work?’ should be at the top, in bold, underlined, surrounded by stars.

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